Baquacil: The Best alternative to chlorine

Isn’t it great to take a dip in the pool and release the tensions of the day? Now you can swim without the strong smell and feel of chemicals associated with chlorine pools. By using Baquacil Pool sanitizers, you can experience the natural feeling of swimming pool water without the pool chemical smell and effects of chlorine.

Instructors teach children how to swim

Instructors teach children how to swim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure you have noticed a high chlorine level when swimming in a public or hotel pool. When pool chemicals aren’t monitored or if too much chlorine is used, the levels can become precariously high which can damage your skin, hair, eyes and even your lungs.

Chlorine has been a mainstay in pool chemicals and is primarily used in swimming pool treatment. Over the years, the impact of chlorine and its adverse effects has taken its toll on Chlorine and severely damaged its image.  In addition, chlorine has a bad reputation for damaging the infrastructure of swimming pools.

Baquacil Pool Chemicals provide insulation against the harmful effects of chlorine.

Baquacil Pool Chemicals provide a chlorine free environment for swimming. Baquacil Pool Chemicals unique formula will provide stability and complete care against bacterial growth.

It’s pretty easy, Baquacil Pool Chemical sanitizer is a three step process outlined below.

Sanitize: First use Baquacil sanitizer and Algistat this polymer based sanitizer will control bacteria and algae and is unaffected by sun light and pH factors. The active ingredient is a chemical used in contact lenses and therefore is extremely soft on the skin.

Oxidation: The Baquacil oxidizer is used to sanitize swimming pools by oxidizing organic compounds.

Optimization: Use Baquacil CDX to maintain a residual oxidizer in the pool for the entire season.

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