Closing for winter

Your local pool company can show you why winterizing is the most important thing you can do to make your spring pool opening as easy as possible. There are enormous benefits to correctly closing your pool, including:

  • Protecting your pool surfaces and equipment.
  • Keeping water looking its best all winter long.
  • Protecting equipment from freeze damage.
  • Saving money on extra maintenance when you open your pool.

Whether you completely cover your pool or just reduce maintenance, there are several chemical manufacturers that can make winterizing painless. Bioguard and Baquacil have good products that you will need for cold weather care.

Vacation preparation

While on vacation, debris and bacteria can collect in your pool and upset the water balance. Consider a “vacation plan” to prevent problems so you can come home to a clear pool and not a messy surprise.

  1. Contact your local pool dealer for a vacation maintenance plan. (Your dealer can give you instructions based on your specific needs.)
  2. Clean your pool thoroughly, brushing and vacuuming walls and floors.
  3. Test pool water and make sure it’s properly balanced. Anything that’s out of balance-total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness-will likely get worse when left unattended.
  4. Run your pump at least eight hours a day to help prevent algae and bacteria growth. (Either set your timer or ask a neighbor to turn it on and off.)
  5. Upon returning, have your local dealer perform a water analysis to ensure that your pool is properly balanced and ready for swimming.


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