Pool and Spa Chemical Storage

Always keep your water maintenance products in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. If standing water is present, action must be taken to provide a dry location for any pool or spa chemicals. Avoid storing in areas that are subject to rain and excessive moisture, freezing temperatures or in direct sunlight.

Always keep your pool or spa maintenance products away from other household or garden chemicals and petroleum products such as fertilizers, motor oil, grease or paint. Mixing these common items with some pool products can cause the release of hazardous gasses, fire, or even an explosion.

Never store any liquid products directly over or directly next to dry pool products (1″ and 3″ tablets, granular chlorinators, shock products, pH adjusters); they may accidentally leak and contaminate other products.

Always keep liquid acid (muriatic) and liquid chlorine products away from each other and away from all shock products, chlorine-based products and pH adjusters

Never store pool care and garden chemical products near calcium hypochlorite-based products. To determine if the product contains calcium hypochlorite, read the active ingredient section on the front of the product label.

Always use lawn furniture, walls, plastic buckets, shovels, rakes, lumber, other inert items or empty space (at least 3 feet) as a buffer zone between products when separating your pool care products,

Always keep pool products away from heat and open flame. Do not smoke in pool storage areas or when handling pool products.

Never store pool sanitizers and oxidizers near metal products like bicycles, lawn mowers, cars, etc., because they may cause rust.

Always store chemical products safely and out of the reach of small children.

Always keep all pool care products tightly sealed in the original container. Large, open containers often collect water and present a potential drowning hazard in areas where children play.




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