Swimming Pool Chemical Hazards

Any parent with kids is concerned about dangerous chemicals in the home. When you have a pool, you are essentially adding 4 to 10 additional chemicals into the household.

Several simple rules will go far toward protecting your family — and you!

  • Chemistry hazards

    Chemistry hazards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Minimize the different types of chemicals you store. Our tips about buying ‘generically’ will help avoid duplication.

  • And, don’t buy more than you will consume in a season. Some of the more hazardous pool chemicals don’t ‘keep’ well.
  • Keep wet hands and dirty scoops out of your chemicals. Contamination is often a cause of problems.
  • Don’t store pool chemicals where other materials can fall into them. (Don’t put HTH under your old paint shelf!)
  • Never, NEVER, NEVER, mix chemicals. When adding chemicals to your pool allow one to disappear before adding another.
  • Use gloves and glasses. Kitchen gloves and sunglasses are fine.
  • And, of course, make sure they are inaccessible to small children. The new plastic locking lawn sheds, made by Rubbermaid and others, would appear to be a GREAT solution.
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