Understanding Swimming Pool Chemicals & Chemistry

A pool's filter system does the heavy lifting in keeping the water clean, but it takes chemistry to do the fine-tuning. It's important to carefully manipulate the chemical balance in pools for several reasons: Dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, thrive in water. A pool fill ed with untreated water would be a perfect place for disease-carrying microorganisms to move from one person to another. Water with the wrong chemical balance can damage the various parts of the pool. Improperly balanced water can irritate the skin and eyes. Improperly balanced water can get very … [Read more...]

Alkalinity and PH in Swimming Pools

pH Cloudy Water

Alkalinity and PH are the two most important measures of a swimming pools makeup. The pH level is likely the most important of the two but if the alkalinity is not balanced first, you will never be able to control your pH. The pH simply tells you how acidic your pool water is, and is measured on a scale of 0-14.  The best range for pH in pools and spas is 7.2-7.6. If the pH and alkalinity are not balanced you will see various problems with your water. For example, scaling, cloudy water and eye irritations are just a few of the problems you might experience. High PH: High PH … [Read more...]