Top Swimming Pool Dangers

There are many swimming pool dangers that homeowners and pool guests should be aware of in order to minimize the risks associated with this popular recreational and exercise activity. When Fun is Dangerous A visit to a family or public swimming pool is a popular summer event, and many warmer regions have open pools throughout the year. Furthermore, pools are common features of hotels, cruise ships, resorts and fitness centers. But while they may be popular, pools can also be dangerous. This overview of the most common swimming pool dangers can help pool guests minimize risks and still have a … [Read more...]

Understanding Swimming Pool Chemicals & Chemistry

A pool's filter system does the heavy lifting in keeping the water clean, but it takes chemistry to do the fine-tuning. It's important to carefully manipulate the chemical balance in pools for several reasons: Dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, thrive in water. A pool fill ed with untreated water would be a perfect place for disease-carrying microorganisms to move from one person to another. Water with the wrong chemical balance can damage the various parts of the pool. Improperly balanced water can irritate the skin and eyes. Improperly balanced water can get very … [Read more...]

Baquacil: The Best alternative to chlorine

Isn’t it great to take a dip in the pool and release the tensions of the day? Now you can swim without the strong smell and feel of chemicals associated with chlorine pools. By using Baquacil Pool sanitizers, you can experience the natural feeling of swimming pool water without the pool chemical smell and effects of chlorine. I’m sure you have noticed a high chlorine level when swimming in a public or hotel pool. When pool chemicals aren’t monitored or if too much chlorine is used, the levels can become precariously high which can damage your skin, hair, eyes and even your … [Read more...]

Swimming Pool Chemical Hazards

Any parent with kids is concerned about dangerous chemicals in the home. When you have a pool, you are essentially adding 4 to 10 additional chemicals into the household. Several simple rules will go far toward protecting your family -- and you! Minimize the different types of chemicals you store. Our tips about buying 'generically' will help avoid duplication. And, don't buy more than you will consume in a season. Some of the more hazardous pool chemicals don't 'keep' well. Keep wet hands and dirty scoops out of your chemicals. Contamination is often a cause of … [Read more...]

Swimming Pool Safety Tips & Reminders


Here are some pool safety reminders to help prevent accidents and to keep your family and friends safe. SUPERVISION Adult supervision is a key element in getting the maximum, safest enjoyment from your pool. Never let children under the age of 14 swim unsupervised in a pool. Constant, vigilant supervision of infants and children is paramount at all times. One individual must assume primary responsibility for supervising the pool and consistently enforcing pool rules. Set pool rules and stick by them. Don't allow running around the pool, which can easily cause slips to occur. … [Read more...]

Pool & Spa Chemical Safety: Best Advice

Handling and use of pool & Spa products: Always read the product label and follow directions carefully. It contains important information on the proper application, handling and storage of the compound you're using. Used correctly, water maintenance products safeguard the health of your entire family. If they're mishandled, they can be hazardous. Always brace liquids so they won't tip while transporting them in your car. Don't allow chemicals to stay in the car for a long period of time. Make the pool store your last stop. Unpack them as soon as you get home. Always wear protective … [Read more...]

Opening your pool the right way

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Open your pool the right way, avoid headaches and enjoy the a summer of fun. Follow these important (and easy) steps to ensure a smooth, carefree pool opening in the spring. And remember, your local pool company is always ready to assist with information tailored to your specific pool care needs. 1.  Remove pool cover (skip this step for new pools) Drain off any accumulated water on the cover away from your pool. Once removed, clean   to prevent sticking and odors. Store in a dry place, free of debris and protected from the sun and weather. 2.  Fill your pool Your pool … [Read more...]

Definitions to common problems

Below are common problems you’ll find in pools and recommended solutions. Taking a water sa mple to your local pool company for analysis is the best solution and knowing the definition of your problem will help to eliminate the problem. Algae  A common "green" algae that can be free floating or wall-clinging. Ranges in severity from patches on walls and bottoms to entire pools and can clog filters and create surface damage if left unchecked. Black Algae  Forms in cracks and crevices on pool surfaces, especially plaster finishes. Known for protective coatings that make … [Read more...]

Closing for winter


Your local pool company can show you why winterizing is the most important thing you can do to make your spring pool opening as easy as possible. There are enormous benefits to correctly closing your pool, including: Protecting your pool surfaces and equipment. Keeping water looking its best all winter long. Protecting equipment from freeze damage. Saving money on extra maintenance when you open your pool. Whether you completely cover your pool or just reduce maintenance, there are several chemical manufacturers that can make winterizing painless. Bioguard and Baquacil have good … [Read more...]